Introducing the new q-30 plus!

Nuevo q-30 plus de PH7

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After several years of research, we have managed to design our best formula for the treatment of shrimp tail. It is based on a mixture of top quality phosphates, adjusted to obtain the best performance in terms of texturizers and moisture retainers for the crustaceans.

  • Optimum moisture retention.
  • Reduced loss during cooking and defrosting
  • Superior organoleptic quality.

Sometimes we have to sacrifice numbers to increase the quality of our treated products, but with the new q-30 plus the numbers are very good, with excellent taste, texture and colour.

Where does our product intervene in the treatment?

The q-30 plus can be used for Bin immersion treatments and Tumbler treatments. Below are the steps to follow for its correct application:

Many quality departments of large companies that are strong in the sector have been surprised by the post-treatment results with the q-30 plus, replacing their usual treatments with this new PH7 FOOD TECHNOLOGY reference. Contact us and we will send you a sample.

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