This year, we’ve learned to mix formulas that truly matter

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Year 2020 is coming to an end, a year that has challenged us all, in which the important dates have lost meaning, a year that has taught us to live differently, in which we have worked together from afar and have closed deals without shaking hands.

If there is one thing we know at PH7, it is that one simple molecule can be something significant. Such as love, a chemical reaction is something that is always worth strengthening and working on.

In this unprecedented year, we also wanted to do something unprecedented, replacing the design, production, and distribution of the actions that we usually work on at this time of year, with something more in concordance with one of the company’s defining values: closeness.

So we got down to work, collaborating with a nearby charity project and we have designed a unique periodic table that we want to share with you. In it you will find some of the formulas that have helped us take care of ourselves better and feel closer together.

Discover them!

Our greatest wish for 2021 is that you can continue working on, rediscovering and exploring new formulas for your well-being, regardless of the context, and that you can soon share experiences with your loved ones in an unrestricted manner.

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