Meat Injection Brine Distributor

Special meat product

As a manufacturer and distributor of meat injection brine, we formulate our product with specific high quality food additives and ingredients. Our high-performance treatment makes your meat products more appetising, increasing their shelf life while maintaining a fresh texture and stable, uniform colour. Contact our team if you want to buy meat brine.


  • Excellent retention of the brine injected into the meat muscle, minimal dripping.
  • Able to obtain different injection yields.
  • Improves the succulence of the meat.
  • Provides stability in freeze-thaw processes.
  • Minimal cooking losses which provide no flavour.
  • Maintains the natural colour and prolongs the shelf life.


  • Additives used in injection treatments.
  • Wide range of brines designed for injection of chicken, pork or beef.
  • Formulations with no added salt.
  • Solutions with and without phosphates.
  • Formulations adjusted to the laws of the various countries where applicable.

Meat Brine

Classified by Meat Products

Chicken, pork, beef

TEXMEAT (series)
Contains phosphate


Chicken, pork, beef

TEXMEAT SF (series)
Phosphate free



More succulent meat with no shrinkage

Better texture, improved yeld.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact our technical team.