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Special product for Fish

As a manufacturer and distributor of brine for fish, we know that in the fishing sector the injection system is increasingly used to obtain products of higher quality and added value.The great advantage of this system is that with a very small dose, it ensures homogeneous, profound brine distribution, increasing yield while fully respecting the morphology and muscle texture of the catch.

At PH7 we know how to apply brine to fish, so we offer mixtures of ingredients that easily penetrate into protein, increasing the yield with total respect to muscle morphology and texture and avoiding further losses in the seafood processing. In order to achieve a better conservation and highlight the flavors of fish. Making a more tasty and stable product after its cooking.


  • Greater yield and hydration of the injected parts
  • Improves the texture and appearance of the product.
  • Delays oxidation processes.
  • Prolongs the shelf life of the treated raw material.
  • Maintains the natural colour for longer.
  • Greater optimisation in the injection process.
  • Prevents weight loss during the freezing, storage, thawing and cooking processes.
  • Greater retention capacity.


  • Additives used in injection treatments.
  • Wide range of brines designed to specifically treat different fish fillets, slices and loins.
  • We also offer phosphate-free solutions.
  • They act on fish protein facilitating osmosis.
  • Formulations adjusted to the laws of the various countries where applicable.

Brine injection Fish

Classified by Fishery Products

Cod, hake, pink, salmon, tuna

Based on antioxidants




Cod and tuna

(for markets where it is permitted)

Based on phosphates



Texturizing, moisturizing and antioxidant function

Improves the quality of the fish.

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