TEXFISH, injection range for fishery products.

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We have developed a new range of products for fish lovers looking to take their culinary experience to the next level. PH7 Food Technology’s TEXFISH range is an innovative solution that uses injection technology to enhance the quality, texture and flavour of your favourite fish fillets.

Our injection process uses the latest technology to enhance the organoleptic properties of the fish, which means you can expect exceptional taste and texture in every bite. Best of all, the fast and efficient injection process also improves moisture retention, leaving the fish fresh and juicy for longer.

In addition, TEXFISH is a healthy choice as our products are made according to the highest quality standards and with the safest possible ingredients.

One of the main values we have as a brand is our dedication to quality and research. This allows us to offer products that comply and adapt to the current legislation in each of the countries where PH7 Food Technology is present. TEXFISH is the result of years of experience working alongside our customers and applying continuous improvement processes, which means you can rely on us to improve your fish products and take another step towards excellence.

In our new Food Hub we have cutting-edge specialised machinery in the sector, as well as injection equipment that allows us to research, test and develop any project that our customers send us. 

Contact our technical-commercial department for advice and to see how we can collaborate to help you in the development of solutions for injection moulding.

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