Range of Preservatives for the Food Industry

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With the main objective of extending the shelf life and preserving the organoleptic characteristics of different food products (fish fillets, whole fish, ready meals, beverages, etc.), we supply a wide range of preservatives in liquid form that are easy to apply:

TEXMEL CL100lactate and lactic acid based
TEXMEL B30 benzoate-based
TEXMEL SB30sorbates and benzoates based
TEXMEL 10antioxidant-based
BIOKEEP VNbuffered vinegar

Its function is to stop or minimize spoilage caused by the presence of different types of microorganisms. Such microbial spoilage can cause serious marketing problems as well as high economic losses for the company.

To facilitate the interpretation of the current legislation, our technical-commercial team is at your disposal to recommend the most suitable product together with the application protocol. Contact us and we will help you.

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