pH7 will be present at the CONXEMAR Exhibition 2019.

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PH7 Food Technology will be present at the International Exhibition of Frozen Seafood Products (CONXEMAR) that takes place in the city of Vigo (Pontevedra) from 1st to 3rd October 2019.

This Exhibition, of reference in Europe, is consolidating between the two most important in the world with a current exhibition area of ​​31,500m² and serves as a meeting point for the entire transformer sector: wholesalers, importers, exporters, processors, manufacturers, distributors, refrigerators, machinery, auxiliary industry (cold, packaging, plastics, etc.)

¿Do you want to know our products?

  • CRUSTAXYL, free sulfites black spot inhibitor This sulphite-free additive is ideal as a melanosis-inhibiting preservative in all types of crustacean. It does not affect the product’s organoleptic characteristics, it does not release any odour and contains no allergic substances. Crustaxyl is an easy and safe product to use, ideal for immediate treatment of the catch or once back on land.  It ensures very shiny eyes and cuticle, strengthening the soft tissues of crustaceans. Sulphite-free, especially indicated and recommended for seafood marketing and production.
  • GLASS 20, glazing agent This product is our solution for improving the quality of finished products that require a transparent, shiny appearance for marketing purposes. Glass 20 provides a physical barrier that protects food from environmental degradation while ensuring a clean, transparent texture. Product suitable for all types of fish however it is cut and presented.
  • AQUAGLY, GLYCEX and texturazing agents Our wide range of moisture retainers and texturisers was specifically developed to treat all types of fish, cephalopods and seafood in all their different types. They act on fish protein, optimisingmoisturisation, improving texture and maintaining a natural colour. Our formulations are adapted to comply with the legislation of the target country. The new series of our own texturisers for the treatment of cephalopods and fish fillets. Aquagly improves texture while maintaining the excellent organoleptic characteristics of fresh fish and increasing its nutritional value. Phosphate and carbonate-free product, new on the market.
  • TEXMEL, preservatives Our R&D department has developed a novel liquid preservative formulation for fresh whole fish. pH7 texmel inhibits bacterial growth and blocks the enzyme reactions that promote degradation. Product developed by our R&D Department Preservative for whole fish.
  • BD TEXFISH, fish texturazer (in brine) The injection system is increasingly used in the fish sector to obtain better quality, added-value products. The great advantage of this system is that with a very small dose, it ensures homogeneous, profound brine distribution, increasing yield while fully respecting the morphology and muscle texture of the catch. pH7 offers mixtures of ingredients that easily penetrate into protein, increasing the yield with total respect to muscle morphology and texture and avoiding further losses in the seafood processing. In order to achieve a better conservation and highlight the flavors of fish. Making a more tasty and stable product after its cooking.
  • BINTECH, binder for fish burgers Current market trends show a growing demand for ready-to-eat fish and meat products in smaller portions that are quick and easy to prepare. Therefore, from the processor’s perspective, there is a need for technology to increase the use and value of underused by-products and quality cuts. Restructured fish products: pH7 formulates specific binders for the fish industry. These products are essential to give commercial value to by-products that result from filleting and chopping, and from the fish, seafood and cephalopod selection process, and they are required for the correct preparation of new pieces with different forms and properties.
  • ADD DISPENSER, Volumetric food additive dispenser The add dispenser system delivers accuracy in the correct application of food additives to your fish products. It has been fully developed by our technical team which specializes in the application of additives. The high level of precision of this automatic system in terms of the quantity and administration time of preservatives, coupled with the fact that it does not use any electricity, results in significant cost savings.

Get your invitation by clicking on the following link and do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

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