New plant for Research and Development of Solutions for the Fishery Industry

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We have good news.

In the second semester of this year, we will open a new research and development centre for products and solutions dedicated to the fishery industry.

Why have we decided to start this new venture? 

What can our customers expect from our new facilities? 

We answer all these questions below.

Our commitment to push the limits

At PH7 we have been growing steadily over the last few years. The plant we currently have was too small and this prevented us from working quickly, resulting in excessively long delivery times.

With the new facilities we will be able to offer our customers a faster service.

But there is much more.

It will allow us to continue to grow in many different ways:

  • Production increase: the new centre will help us to increase our production capacity. Not only because the facilities are bigger, but also because we will have more space for special machinery.
  • All the food safety certifications: the new building is designed in a way that allows us to comply with all the regulatory requirements in force today. So our customers can be confident that we will have the latest food safety requirements.
  • A space to take on projects for the future: we will have a large space for the technical team, which we will talk about in more detail below.

Let’s take a closer look at the improvements brought by the new research and development centre.

A space with a sophisticated R&D system

In addition to all the benefits that will come with the new facility – increased production and storage, among other things we will tell you about later – we will also have a space for the technical team.

This technical department will be provided with:

  • Laboratory.
  • R&D space.
  • A showroom where product demonstrations and tests can be performed for out customers.
  • Training and conference rooms.

All this space will allow us to do research into creating cleaner labels for treatments, as well as working to meet the demands of legislation and market trends.

And of course, this area will allow us to be at the customer’s side, looking for the best products for them and helping them in any way necessary. This is an implicit invitation for them to present their problems to us in order to help them find the best solution.

How will the new PH7 Food Hub look like?

We have told you what the new facilities will bring to us and to our customers. But we haven’t gone into more technical details…

We encourage you to get to know it a little better:

  • This is a newly built logistics centre of 6,000 m². Of which: 3,000 m² of space will be dedicated to the warehouse, while 3,000 m² will be dedicated to the production area. In addition, 1,000 m² will be set aside for offices and the technical area.
  • The new plant will be equipped with the latest technology in additive mixing and packaging systems: solid mixers with packaging systems from 5 kg to 25 kg (with and without vacuum), liquid mixers with packaging systems in 5-litre carafes up to complete tanks, packaging machines and separate rooms for products containing allergens and non-allergens.
  • The yard covers an area of 5,000 m².
  • It has a concrete structure with a sandwich roof.
  • The building will have 1008 photovoltaic modules with a generating surface area of 2,096 m². This photovoltaic installation will avoid an annual emission of 222.84 Tn of CO2, the equivalent of the repopulation of 557 trees annually.
  • These facilities will have the necessary infrastructures to cover everything related to the logistics and handling of food additives and ingredients.

All this available space – together with the appropriate machinery and infrastructure – will allow us to multiply our production capacity with two new lines, in order to adapt to market trends and the current needs of our customers.

A strategic location

The warehouse is located in a privileged place: the industrial area of Sector Autopista, in Parets del Vallés (Barcelona).

It is a strategic location that brings us a number of benefits:

  • Good road and public transport connections: this industrial park is characterised by a perfect location, as it is well connected by road. It is also served by several nearby intercity bus lines and Renfe train services (specifically the R3 line).
  • Close to the port and airport of Barcelona: it is also only 30 km from these two important logistical hubs.
  • Easy access to Barcelona: from this location it is very quick and convenient to travel to the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area.
  • Direct access to the C-17 road and the AP-7 motorway: from the warehouse it is possible to directly access the Catalan regional motorway and the well-known Mediterranean motorway, which connects the entire Spanish Mediterranean coast from the French border to Guadiaro, in Cadiz.

As you can see, we will be in a privileged location that will benefit both our transport service and the customers who wish to visit our facilities.

Getting everything ready to receive you

At PH7 we are excited about this “move” to a more spacious and much more suitable facility for the activity we are dedicated to.

If you have any queries, as always, we encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have regarding our new location.

For our part, we are ready to offer the best service to our customers once we are fully installed in what will be PH7’s research and development centre for fisheries solutions.

We’re waiting for you!

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