Dalian pH7 Food Ingredients (China) renews its facilities

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pH7 Food Technology renews its facilities in Dalian (R.P. China) with the incorporation since the beginning of 2017 of its new General Manager, Juan Antonio García, with a long professional experience in the commercialization of food additives as well as fish products traders.

Contact details

Address: No.188 Dalianwan Rd. Ganjingzi District, Dalian 116113 P.R. CHINA Phone: +86 13609845741 Web: www.ph7foodtech.cn

“We are starting a new age in our Dalian facilities with a new team of people with the aim of satisfying the needs of seafood factories in China and help them to achieve the quality results they need to fulfill the requirements of the market. From updated food technology, quality controlled production in our own Dalian factory, prompt delivery service throughout China, technical support and assistance… this and more is what you can expect from our company. We are at your service with our wide range of food additives solutions to study the specific needs  and develop and propose the most appropriate technical solution.”


The refurbished factory has the highest technology in the production of food additives under European standards and adapts its own formulations to the demanding Chinese market, using a highly qualified technical team.

Dalian pH7 Food Ingredients solutions for the Chinese market are:

  • T40                                     Whitening agent for cephalopods
  • T65 PLUS (+)                     Treatment for skin-less squid
  • T-70 SEA                            Non-phosphate treatment for skin-on & skin-less cephalopods
  • T70 SEA (+)                       Treatment against acidity for Dosidicus Gigas – Peruvian squid
  • PEXB2                                Non-phosphate treatment for fish fillets
  • GLYCEX                             Non-phosphates / Non-carbonate treatment for fish fillets
  • Q-20 PLUS                         Phosphate treatment for PUD shrimps
  • Q-100                                  Non-phosphate treatment for PUD shrimps
  • CRUSTAXYL                      Non-sulfite treatment to avoid melanosis in crustaceans
  • GLASS-20                          Glazing agent to improve appearance
  • TEXFISH BASE/PLUS       Brine solution for tuna injection

Ask for more information to our commercial technical team by sending an email to info@ph7foodtech.com.

Dalian PH7 Food Ingredients will be exhibiting at the next edition of the China Seafood Expo to be held in Qingdao from 1 to 3 November 2017.

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