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PH7 is a leading company in the world of food additives. We work with clients in the fish processing, precooked food, and meat sectors who are looking to increase their production throughput and improve the quality of their products, both in appearance and texture. We can help them achieve this thanks to bespoke technological solutions created by our highly qualified team.

We are a full-service technology company and offer our clients a single point of contact for the design and implementation of their commercial projects, providing the essential technological knowledge to produce high-quality food products. Our experience improves your final product and the production process, providing you with the optimal treatment according to species, production process and the result you want to obtain.

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At PH7 we offer you a highly experienced technical team with strong academic and scientific training in the formulation and manufacture of food additives.

The solutions provided by our R&D department are developed by biologists, biochemists, nutritionists, and engineers to guarantee the final quality of your processed product and ensure it is adapted to current market demands.

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