pH7 presents a new product: Add Dispenser

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Precision and cost savings

The add dispenser system delivers accuracy in the correct application of food additives to your fish products. It has been fully developed by our technical team which specializes in the application of additives.

The high level of precision of this automatic system in terms of the quantity and administration time of preservatives, coupled with the fact that it does not use any electricity, results in significant cost savings.

Technical characteristics

  • Dispensing accuracy from 0.2% to 2% in volume
  • Maximum application viscosity 800 cSt at 20°C
  • Range 3 m3/h
  • Fast and efficient connection
  • Accurate pressure regulation with visual control
  • Filter with 1-micron filtration capacity
  • Treatment time control


  • Configuration for the simultaneous administration of two different products
  • Solar battery for the control and automation of warnings and controls
  • Control panel with audio and visual alerts

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