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Jun 2017

How necessary are food additives for meat?

  As we know, an important part of countries’ GDP is based on their exportations, and some count
May 2017

Glazing agents and antifoaming agents

You have probably never heard about glazing agents and antifoaming agents. Since we noticed a growin
Apr 2017

Food additives with side effects

It's a given fact that food additives are almost essential in our daily lives. Without them we would
Apr 2017

How does the FDA regulate the food additive industry?

In the United States, the food industry is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Sinc
Mar 2017

Which laws cover food additives?

Given the fact that food additives are mostly chemicals products, it was necessary to create a stric
Mar 2017

Where did food additives originate from?

Food additives are now widely used across the world. They are an important part of our daily life; w
Mar 2017

pH7 at Seafood Expo Global 2017

pH7 Food Technology will be present at Seafood Expo Global 2017, the world's largest and most presti
Feb 2017

Food additives: characteristics and purpose

Despite being in the majority of the food we eat, food additives are too often complete strangers
Feb 2017

Fish Burguers

Seafood sector companies are interested in developing fish burgers
Jan 2017

GLASS 20, one of our star products 2016

Our glazer agent GLASS 20 has been one of our best selling products in 2016. A product studied and d

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