Glazing agents and antifoaming agents

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You have probably never heard about glazing agents and antifoaming agents. Since we noticed a growing need from consumers to start gathering information about what they eat, we decided to shed some light on this topic. First of all, glazing and antifoaming agents are used to enhance the appearance and to increase the shelf life of fish products. These two chemicals both serve the same purpose, which is trying to provide our customers with high quality products without to worry about their preservation.

Glazing agents are used during the processing of freezing food products to give them a shinier aspect. This substance is added on the surface of the product in order to provide it with a protective coating, preventing bacteria or foreign body from coming into contact with the product. It is thus a good way to ensure the quality and looks requirements are met. 

They are divided into two categories: natural glazing agents and synthetic glazing agents. The first category applies to chemicals made of elements that can be found naturally. They are usually harnessed from animals and plants, when the second category refers to artificial products.  However, the market is mainly occupied by natural glazing agents, like the PH7 glazing agents and antifoaming agents.

Now, let’s talk about antifoaming agents (or defoamer). Even though these two words convey a different meaning (anti foaming meaning a substance that prevents the formation of foam, while a defoamer agent destroys it) they are often used interchangeably.

As its name suggests it, an antifoaming agent is a chemical that prevents the formation of foam or bubbles in certain products. Indeed, from a commercial and marketing point of view it could be quite problematic for a product to show unwanted foam. It is thus necessary to treat the product accordingly, so that the customer’s experience could be as good as possible.  To be quite simple, foam is created when air gets trapped in a liquid; an antifoaming agent will help destabilize these bubbles and make them disappear.

Even though these two chemicals work differently and operate on distinct levels they both aim for the same objective which is assuring food products are appealing and perfectly preserved. PH7 uses high quality glazing and antifoaming agents that will allow your products to stand out of the crowd.

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