GLASS 20, one of our star products 2016

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Our glazer agent GLASS 20 has been one of our best selling products in 2016.

A product studied and developed to avoid the dehydration of shellfish, cephalopod and fish during the freezing period. It is added to the glazing water in low concentrations providing elasticity and antioxidant properties, avoiding ice layer breaks in the freezing process. When used, uniform protective layer of ice is obtained from surface burns caused by low temperatures. Giving the product of brightness, attractive and a very good presence for the consumer.

This product is our solution for improving the quality of finished products that require a transparent, shiny appearance for marketing purposes.

Our glazer agents (GLASS 20, GLASS 10) provide a physical barrier that protects food from environmental degradation while ensuring a clean, transparent texture.

This is a product which is suitable for all types of fish however it is cut and presented. It provides a protection and shine during freezing.

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