Fish Burguers

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Seafood sector companies are interested in developing fish burgers with the aim of launching to the market a product of good quality with a simple elaboration, with all nutritional values that offer seafood products.

Nowadays, consumers are looking for food with high nutritious quality and easy preparation. Fish burgers are a clear example. This format is aimed at several sectors of the population. Mainly children that normally deny seafood products. They offer several advantages as boneless, smooth flavor and great juiciness.

In reference to nutritional values, it would be interesting to make a comparison between a meat burger and a fish burger. A difference to emphasize is the type of fat, in the meat predominate the saturated fats whereas in the fish stands out for its content in polyunsaturated fat omega 3, beneficial for the cardiovascular health.

In order to take advantage of the losses of the manipulation of the fish processes, pH7 Food Technology provides formulas for the cohesion and the ligament of these ingredients. It also allows to increase the retention of liquid and reduce the oxidation of the mass, thus conserving its natural color.

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