BD Texfish Fillet 10: New texturising product for fish fillets

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We introduce you a new product we have added to our range of texturisers, BD Texfish Fillet 10. A new phosphate-free texturiser, specially designed as a base formula for the preparation of brines for the treatment of processed fish fillets by injection and immersion techniques.

Its main advantages are:

  • Good performance is achieved through high texturising capacity and moisture retention.
  • Improved appearance with a uniform colour change throughout the piece and gloss of the treated fillet.
  • The morphology of the fillets does not deteriorate (does not open them).
  • It preserves better the organoleptic characteristics of the product over time, avoiding rancidity and moisture loss during storage and commercialisation.

Cod and hake treatment

With the new BD Texfish Fillet 10 we recommend treating cod by injection and immersion techniques and treating hake by immersion.

Above we can see the treatment of a hake fillet using the immersion method with the new BD Texfish Fillet 10 product and below an untreated hake fillet.

For more information contact our technical sales team and we will advise you to find the solution that best suits your needs.

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