Best thing we have
is people´s chemistry

Grup Barcelonesa celebrates 80 years full of chemistry, of molecules that add up, of the energy of a team that shares a common DNA and is transformed by contact. And we have realised that, in the end, that is the real chemistry: the chemistry of people.

Today we celebrate the chemistry that moves us and makes us grow. A chemistry that, if you listen carefully, becomes music.

Music is also chemistry for
those who need it the most

This year we are collaborating with the “Fundación Músicos por la Salud”, whose activity is based on the benefits that live music brings to the recovery process and to the state of mind and health of hospital patients and their families.

We are going to contribute to playing 481 minutes of music in the form of micro-concerts in the hospitals of Sant Joan de Déu and Vall d’Hebron. One for each of the employees and partners who work in and with Grup Barcelonesa.