Binders for the fish industry

Current market trends show a growing demand for ready-to-eat fish and meat products in smaller portions that are quick and easy to prepare. Therefore, from the processor's perspective, there is a need for technology to increase the use and value of underused by-products and quality cuts.

Restructured fish products: pH7 formulates specific binders for the fish industry. These products are essential to give commercial value to by-products that result from filleting and chopping, and from the fish, seafood and cephalopod selection process, and they are required for the correct preparation of new pieces with different forms and properties.

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to manufacture fish or shrimp hamburgers
and seafood or cephalopod surimi

Restructured meat products. pH7 designs binding formulations to improve the cohesion of restructured products made from beef, pork or poultry cuts, enabling their stabilisation in a single piece.

to manufacture chicken nuggets,
sausages and meat burgers