Antimelanotic agents

pH7 is an expert in antimelanotic treatment solutions; a field in which it has always produced highly-efficient product ranges to prevent enzyme and catalytic oxidation. It preserves the catch in optimal condition even after long periods of freezing.

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This sulphite-free additive is ideal as a melanosis-inhibiting preservative in all types of crustacean.

It does not affect the product's organoleptic characteristics, it does not release any odour and contains no allergic substances.

Crustaxyl is an easy and safe product to use, ideal for immediate treatment of the catch or once back on land. It ensures very shiny eyes and cuticle, strengthening the soft tissues of crustaceans.

Sulphite-free, especially indicated and recommended for seafood marketing and production.

Product approved by European Directive 2006/52 EC, classified as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) in the USA. Recognised by the Chinese Health Authorities